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Following from the last post, now looking at fine leaved grasses found on dry heaths.

Fine leaved Grasses of dry heathy vegetation

Fine leaved grasses, with wiry appearance. Leaves actually rolled in cross section, up to 1.2mm in diameter.

1 Ligule greater than 0.3mm,and up to 2mm. Perennial with persistant sheaths.

Leaves feel smooth. 2 flowered spikelets fine on wavy stalks. May have purplish leaf sheaths. Tufted plant.   Deschampsia flexuosa

Leaves may feel rough (rub below your lip). Leaves at angle to upright cluster of sheathes. Spikelets one sided. Strongly tufted plant. Leaves whitish in winter.                                        Nardus stricta


2 Ligule less than 0.3mm. 

All leaves fine. Open sheaths   Festuca ovina complex (includes F filiformis and F vivipara)

Basal leaves fine but culm leaves flat and up to 3mm wide. Closed sheaths. Festuca rubra complex

(N.B. Another possible fine leaved heathland grass but not found here because of its southerly distribution is Agrostis curtsii. This has acutely pointed ligules, 2-4mm long.)