Wide Leaves Grasses of dry heathy vegetation(leaves usually flat and wider than 1.2mm)

Plants with obvious long hairs on edges of leaves  Luzula sp (Not actually in grass family)

1.Plants with ligule of hairs or obviously hairy at junction of leaf and sheath, with or without membraneous ligule 2

Plants without hairy junction of leaf and sheath with membraneous ligule only 3

2.Tufted deciduous grass with ligule a fringe of short hairs only, and no long hairs at junction of leaf and sheath.   Molinia caerula

2a Plant with long hairs at junction of sheath and leaf as well as membraneous ligule           Anthoxanthemum odoratum

2b Plant with long hairs at junction of leaf and sheath but no membraneous ligule       Danthonia decumbens

3 Leaves stiff and very rough. Tufted plant. Deschampia cespitosa

Leaves soft and smooth 4

4 Leaves and stems softly hairy, leaf sheaths with pink pyjama stripes. Holcus lanatus

Leaves not softly hairy and without pink pyjama stripes. Leaves gently taper to tip 5 Agrostis species

5 Ligule shorter than wide on non  flowering shoots.  A.capillaris

5a Plants with ligule longer than wide, leaves flat mostly more than 3mm wide, clearly stoloniferous  Culms often purplish. Inflorescence often contracted after flowering.  A stolonifera

5b Ligule longer than wide, may have u-shaped young leaves. Leaves up to 3mm wide  6

6 Not stoloniferous, but tufted  A vinealis

6b Stoloniferous grows in wetter conditions than vinealis.  A canina

(Note A vinealis and A canina are very similar and it may not be possible to separate them in the field.)