The identification books I use which I  refer to in the blog pages include

Atherton, Ian; Bosanquet, Sam; Lawley, Mark. (eds)  2010 Mosses and Liverworts  of Britain and Ireland, a field guide. British Bryological Society

Averis, Ben. 2013 Plants and Habitats; An introduction to common plants and their habitats in Britain and Ireland. Self published

Clapham, A.R. Tutin, T.G.Warburg, E.F. 1981 Excursion Flora of the British Isles. Third edition. Cambridge University Press

Cope, Tom and Gray, Alan. 2009 Grasses of the British Isles. BSBI Handbook No 13. BSBI

Edlin, Herbert L. 1978 The Tree Key. A guide to identification in garden, field and forest. Frederick Warne

Fitter, Richard; Fitter, Alistair; Farrer, Ann. 1984 Collins Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of Britain and Northern Europe Collins

Hutchinson,G.,and Thomas, B. A. 1996 Welsh ferns, Clubmosses, Quillworts and Horsetails.National Museum and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff

Jermy, C ; Camus, J. 1991 The Illustrated Field Guide to Ferns and Allied Plants of the British Isles. Natural History Museum

Keble-Martin, W. 1978 The Concise British Flora in Colour Sphere Books

Merryweather, James 2007 The fern Guide. A field guide to the ferns,clubmosses, quillworts and horsetails of the British Isles Third edition.FSC

Mitchell, Alan 1988 A Field Guide to the Trees of Britain and Northern Europe. Collins

Poland, John and Clement, Eric. 2009 The Vegetative Key to the British Flora; A new approach to naming British vascular plants based on vegetative characters BSBI

Rich, T.C.G; Jermy, A.C.(eds). 1998 The Plant Crib BSBI

Rich, T.C.G 1991 Crucifers of Great Britain and Ireland. BSBI Handbook No.6. BSBI

Rose, Francis; O’ Reilly, Clare. 2006 The Wildflower Key. How to identify wild flowers trees and shrubs in Britain and Ireland Frederick Warne

Rose, Francis; 1989 Colour Identification Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of the British Isles and north-western Europe Viking

Ross-Craig, Stella. 1949 Drawings of British Plants, being illustrations of the species of flowering plants growing naturally in the British Isles. Part III Cruciferae. London

Stace, Clive. 1997 New Flora of the British Isles, 2nd edition. Cambridge University Press

Streeter, David. 2009 . Collins Flower Guide. The most complete guide to the flowers of Britain and Ireland Harper-Collins.

General Reference

Also general reference works include

Page, Christopher N 1988 Ferns A natural History of Britain’s Ferns, The New Naturalist. Collins

Gilmour, John; Walters, Max 1977 The New Naturalist Wild Flowers Botanising in Britain. Collins

Grime, J.P.; Hodgson, J.G.; Hunt, R. 1987 Comparative Ecology. A functional approach to common British species. Unwin Hyman

Wade ,A. E; Kay ,Q. O. N; Ellis, R. G. 1994 Flora of Glamorgan Natural History Museum HMSO

Preston. C.D; Pearman, D.A; Dines, T.D. 2002 New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora Oxford University Press

Rodwell, J.S.(ed) 1991 British Plant Communities Volume 2. Mires and Heaths Cambridge University Press

Rodwell, J.S.(ed) 2000 British Plant Communities Volume 5. Maritime Communities and Vegetation of Open Habitats Cambridge University Press

Rodwell, J.S.(ed)1992 British Plant Communities Volume 3. Grasslands and Montane Communities  Cambridge University Press

Simon, E.W.; Dormer, K.J.; Hartshorne, J.N. 1973 Lowson’s Textbook of Botany. University Tutorial Press

Webb, Nigel. 1986 The New Naturalist; Heathlands. A natural history of Britain’s’ lowland heaths. Collins

Wilson, Alan 1993 The Story of the Potato; through illustrated varieties. Alan Wilson

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